About Xperience Japan


X of Xperience Japan represents “to cross each other’s path”.

We are very interested in what will be created when each other’s path is crossed.

I remember two Japanese ladies whom I and the guest couples from Australia met during trip in Tokyo. When the tour almost ended it started to rain suddenly. At about 15 minutes’ distance to the station, we continued to walk but the rain didn’t stop. Then one Japanese lady kindly opened her umbrella for us and took us to her friend’s house entrance. When we reached the space under the eave a lady of the house invited us in and warmly treated us with hot tea & sweet at warm room.

“Where are you from?”

”How many children do you have?”

She asked the guests and wrapped four small pretty Japanese sake cups in a paper as souvenir.

Needless to say, the couples brought warmest heart back at home.

“Ichi-go Ichi-e”

This is a Japanese verb meaning “Once in a lifetime meeting” associated with Japanese tea ceremonies. At tea ceremony a host prepares sweets, arranges seasonal flower in vase and hanging scroll in alcove, then serves Japanese tea to the guest with warmest hospitality.  A host treats a guest as if this is only one time in a life time meeting.