Hi ! I am Nobu, National licensed English speaking tour guide.

I’ve introduced beautiful Japan through the guide from famous sight seeing places to the local old town for the guests from over 15 countries.

I am frequent traveler and visited countries like Malaysia,  Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, Singapore,  USA, England, Germany and Italy and others. 

During trip I often had the guide especially when I went to countryside where I am not familiar to the language and transportation. Thanks to the guide I could see the lifestyle of local people who I couldn’t have met without the guide.

Now as a tour guide I’d like the tourists to bring back good memory of making friends with Japanese. If you have friends in other country you wouldn’t fight with that country, right ? I’d like to make the world more peaceful.

I published series of books titled “Diary of Tour Guide ” (unfortunately in Japanese) in 2018 and 2019. I wrote about how nervous I was for the first guide and how the guests and I came to be known. Actually we  still send message each other on occasions. 

You may be also frequent traveler, but still if you’d like to have memorable trip, please let me help you. I love walking, hiking & cycling in town & nature, visiting museum of many themes, and Japanese garden filled with seasonal flowers.

I also have a good network of reliable tour guides. 

Looking forward to guiding you in Japan soon. 

Series of ” Diary of Tour Guide”
Guide diary

Tour Guide Diary

Guide Diary Yanaka

Tour Guide Diary “Yanaka”


Tokyo is so exciting metropolis mixed with the new and old things. There are shrines, temples and Japanese garden between high rises and each area has its uniqueness. 

In 1867 Tokugawa Shogun turned his power to the emperor, and in 1868 a new government was formed with Emperor Meiji at its head. This is called Meiji Restoration. The capital was moved from Kyoto to Edo and its name was changed to Tokyo meaning “eastern capital”.

Today Tokyo is the center of Japan in terms of politics, economy, culture and entertainment.


I have lived in Chiba prefecture to the east south of Tokyo for about 30 years. Chiba is about 30 minutes to 1 hour ( different by area) from Tokyo by train and rich in nature. Chiba is surrounded by the sea and you can enjoy beautiful coastal scenery, delicious local food. Why don’t you have one day trip out of Tokyo in countryside not far from Tokyo?


I was born and grown up till high school in Hokkaido. So I love great nature and snowing there. My parents still live in Sapporo, central city of Hokkaido and every summer I stay in Sapporo to escape from the summer heat. So I can guide you around Hokkaido. Hokkaido is another attractive Japan with cool weather, vast nature and powder snow.