Hanko seal

Japanese use Hanko seal with signature

Although this custom may look old fashioned, use of seals has a long history in Asia. Around the 12th century Zen Buddhist monks started to use them for their writings. In the late 19th century use of hanko seals for legal documents became the law. So Japanese still believe seals are more reliable.

various kinds of Seal

Most people have three seals; jitsu-in for important legal matters such as mortgage contract, ginko-in for opening bank account and mitome-in for daily use such as receiving packages from delivery or post office.
You can buy custom made seal at hanko store. They will make hanko in hiragana, katakana or romaji expressing your name.

Hanko is popular as souvenir for travelers, but use of Hanko on business scene is controversial as e-commerce has progressed now.