Shichi Fukujin Seven Gods of good fortune

Seven Gods of good fortune are believed to arrive on a ship full of treasures and bring good fortunes to the people.

They are modeled after Indian, Chinese and Japanese gods. 

Daikoku-ten at Kanda myojin shrine

One of them called Daikokuten standing on bags of rice with a lucky hammer and a big sack is the god of agriculture.

Benzaiten playing the biwa is the Goddess of Arts and knowledge.

Ebisu holding a fishing rod is the god of fishing and commerce.

First worshipped in the Muromachi period and became popular in Edo period. Even today during the New Year’s season many people visit shrines and temples housing Shichi Fukujin statues.

And it is believed if you put a picture of the Shichi Fukujin below your pillow on the New Year’s eve you will be lucky and have good fortune the whole new year!