Tea & Sweets

On fine greenery day I went to Hamarikyu Japanese garden with a friend.

After walking a long distance we rested at tea house crowded with many foreign visitors.

We ordered powdered tea & sweets and waited looking around us. The hostess brought tea & sweets on the tray to the foreigners fluently saying in English “ These are the sweets of cherry blossom and wisteria Enjoy the tea.” and she left.

“ How beautiful and looks delicious!! “

Excited visitors almost started to eat, but “wait! how?? How should we eat them? “

It might be good to just eat regardless of the manner.

But this is Japan! home of tea ceremony ! Anybody can teach us the manner?

“If you like please copy what I do.” I started to explain about the manner like this.

First, eat the sweet using a sweet pick.

after eating…

place the tea bowl on your palm.

drink the tea to the last sip.

wipe the place where you drank from with your right thumb and index finger.

turn the tea bowl back so that the front faces you.

place the bowl in front of you.

This is the manner at table. Please enjoy the tea.