A Daruma doll 達磨, good luck doll, typically red and is depicted a bearded man.
The color and design vary depending on region and artist.
When sold, the eyes are both blank white.
When Japanese set a goal or wish we paint in one of the eyes.
Once our wish is answered we fill the second eye.

A Daruma doll 達磨 is modeled after Bodhidhama, the founder of the Zen of Buddhism.
It is said Bodhidhama sat in meditation for 9 years then his legs and arms fell off.
Daruma 達磨 usually made of papier marche is round and hollow and weighted at the bottom so as to always return to an upright position when it falls over.
This symbolizes recovering from misfortune.
When you have a goal this is must item to accomplish your goal.