How to enjoy Japanese summer : Hanabi fire work & Senko Hanabi sparkler

Japanese summer is hot and humid. So Japanese invented many ways to spend this season comfortably.

Hanabi Fire work

One way is to enjoy Hanabi firework at night. The people gather at riverside or beach to see firework. There are many food stands selling watagashi sugar cotton candy, takoyaki octopus dumplings and Yakisoba fried soba noodle and others. Kids enjoy fishing goldfish and yo-yo colorful balloons with the parents, grandpa and grandma all together. Couples wearing Yukata light cotton kimono and having Uchiwa round fan date at night to escape from the summer heat.

More and more fashionable and unique fire works appear to entertain the people gathered.

Yukata, summer festival

Yukata, summer festival

Senko hanabi sparkler

On the other hand, Senko hanabi sparkler is still popular.  Senko hanabi is simple and short lived, but why do many Japanese like it ?

During summer holiday called Obon the family go back to their hometown. The kids enjoy Senko hanabi sparkler with grandpa and ma while eating watermelons all together under the eave of house at night. Senko hanabi sparkler reminds us of our good and old childhood days with the family.

Senko hanabi dates back to Edo period. Edo people liked short lived senko hanabi as they preferred the short but brilliant life. This mentality to Senko hanabi is similar to cherry blossom.

In the Sengoku civil war period Samurai warriors thought death is preferable to dishonor. They liked to die beautifully than live in shame at war. This mentality may be succeeded by the modern Japanese.

Senko hanabi sparkler painted on shutter of Nakamise steet, Sensoji temple

When Cherry blossoms start flowering the Japanese enjoy Ohanami cherry blossom viewing party. They bloom at stretch and last for only about two weeks.

Cherry blossoms  match the Japanese mentality that prefer the short but beautiful life.