How to enjoy Tea Ceremony


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  1. When you are served tea, first, place the tea bowl between you and the next guest. Then bow to the left saying “Osakini chodai itashimasu”. (Excuse me for going before you. )

2. Bow to the host saying “Otemae chodai itashimasu.”
 (Thank you for the tea. )

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3. Then take the tea bowl with your right hand, and place the bowl on the left palm.

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4. Bow slightly to express thanks and then turn the bowl clockwise twice in order to avoid its front.

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5. Take sips several times (2 or 3 times) to the last sip.

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5. Wipe the place you drank from with thumb and index finger. Wipe your fingers on your kaishi paper. Then turn the tea bowl back so that the front faces you.

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6.Place the tea bowl in front of you outside tatami edging.
 Then appreciate the bowl.

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7. Turn the front of bowl toward the host and bow. 

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