How to Take a Bath in Japanese Hot Spring

Bathing in hot spring is a must experience for visitors to Japan. But there are some manners you should observe. Learn about them and enjoy  like Japanese do.

  1. Please make sure which entrance is for you.
    Color of Noren (hanging cloth) is usually blue for men, red is for women.


    Sento noren

  2. First, take off your clothes at dressing room. Swimming suits and tattoo are not allowed. But you can bring in a face towel to cover your privacy. Once you get in the bath tab keep the towel out of water. Before entering the bath rinse your body with warm water from the tap or bath tab with bucket.


3. Then Get in the bath and the water can be very hot (the temperature is 40℃ to 44℃). After soaking for a while get out of the bath and wash your body with soap. Soap and shampoo are provided in baths. Make sure that no soap gets into the bath water, and get in the bath and soak some more.

4. After you finish soaking, it’s good not to rinse your body with tap water as the hot spring water’s minerals have full effect on your body.  After bathing Relax wearing Yukata.