Matsuri sushi

Matsuri sushi, Mt. Fuji & Plum flower
Matsuri sushi, Mt. Fuji & Plum flower

Matsuri sushi roll is a traditional food in Chiba, Boso area(south Chiba).
In old days Matsuri sushi was served by the master of village to the villagers when they gathered. 
Later the women started to make, so Matsuri sushi became more fashionable.

Matsuri sushi, Rose

Matsuri sushi, Rose


In the festival and auspicious occasions such as New year’s days, Doll’s days and Birth days Matsuri (meaning festival) sushi have been served among the relatives, neighborhoods and friends.

Traditionally designed like flower and butterfly, now cute and trendy sushi are invented like Halloween pumpkin, X’mas trees and Anpan man!

Matsuri sushi, X’mas tree


The main ingredients are colorful vinegar rice and sea weed nori and sometimes eggs and pickled green vegetables. Matsuri sushi may look magic to make, but actually consists of many parts.
For example to make cherry blossom matsuri sushi, first make pink petal and green leaf one by one and then roll up in one roll.
Why don’t’ you visit Chiba and make Matsuri sushi roll by yourself ?

Matsuri sushi, Halloween