Temple style Public Bath

Temple style public bath

Temple style public bath, Atami-yu

Temple ?! No! This is not a temple, but a public bath, Sento.
This temple style Sento can be rarely seen nowadays, except in animation scene of “Sen to Chihiro” English titled “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki.
But here in temple style public bath called Atami-yu in Kagurazaka area, you can actually enjoy bathing. People have enjoyed public bath Sento as a communication place with neighbors since Edo period.
Public bath is must place to experience Japan.

Temple style public bath in Yanaka, now used as gallery

You may see temple style public bath “SCAI THE BATHHOUSE” in old town, Yanaka but now used for gallery.

Edo- Tokyo open air architectural museum exhibits Temple style public bath called Kodakara-yu meaning ”Blessed with children”.
If you want to enjoy old architectures and old life style, “Edo- Tokyo open air architectural Museum” is a must place to visit.

inside Kodakara-yu


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