Shinjuku gyoen national garden

Shinjuku gyoen & NTT Docomo building

Used to be the residence of a guardian who served Shogun Tokugawa at the beginning of 7th century the area became the Imperial garden in 1906 and now opened to the public. Many giant trees were planted long ago, some of them in the Edo era (about 150 years ago). 

Rose bed in French garden

The garden composes of French formal garden, Japanese garden and English landscape garden.


To cerebrate the marriage of Emperor Showa, Taiwan kaku was gifted from Taiwan where was a part of Japan in 1928.

Taiwan kaku

In the greenhouse covering about 100m2  tropical and subtropical plants are grown, and a lot of orchid varieties are produced. The greenhouse also works as conservation unit for endangered species and seed preservation base. 

Green house

Emperor Showa used this as a club house. For what sports do you think? Golf! The Emperor & Empress enjoyed golf here. Designed by Tokuma Katayama, japanese architect who studied from Josiah Conder, this house is based on the stick style, American architectural style. 

Former club house for imperial family

Elegant with lace like ornament isn’t it?


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