Tsukiji fish market

Tsukiji fish market crowded with overseas tourists. Early in the morning the narrow streets of outer market are filled with nice smell of grilled chicken, tuna, whale and scallops. Long lining for bite size egg roll.

Hurried up by the busy turres and workers tourists pass thru the intricate street while fascinated by splashing fish and tuna filleting.

Tsukiji market is the best place to buy not only fresh fish but vegetables and fruits, tea, dried fish, pickled vegetables and kitchen utensils. Long line of tourists wanting to eat raw fish on the spot in front of sushi restaurants before noon.

Tsukiji is food park, the right place to encounter traditional Japanese cuisine.

Tsukiju inner market seen from high rise Caretta sky view shows buildings are curved.(Photo in 2018).
Originally there was Tsukiji station where fish and vegetables were carried by train.
But the transportation was replaced by the truck and the station was closed.
The inner market was moved to Toyosu area in October 2018.

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